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Client Testimonials


My business is in a high growth mode so most of our employees have been with us for less than a year. I needed help thinking about how to acculturate them effectively and ensure a high-quality customer experience. I was feeling overwhelmed and inadequate at every turn.

Andrew explained his background navigating business growth and showed empathy for my challenges working with people. He was completely confident that I could navigate this challenge and emerge successful and even happy.

My biggest breakthrough working with Andrew was learning that there really is a path out of what looked to me like a no-win situation. I could have my cake and eat it too, meaning I could grow my company AND actually enjoy the process.

Every coaching session has come with practical, implementable advice as well as significant, frame-shifting questions that have enabled me to see my way out of what I experienced as an unconquerable maze with many dead ends. I didn't know what I didn't know and each bit of further exposure showed me where I was holding myself back.

I love those insights the best as it is easiest to just stop doing things that are making things worse. I was afraid of needing to spend even more effort and I’m pleased to see now that I can actually do better with less effort!


I was training in a room with over 200 people and pondering my next steps in my life and business. I had revealed to Andrew that I felt like I had so much more to give and just wasn't at my best.

Knowing that I was capable of so much more but holding back was pure frustration. Probably like a river with log jam. There's so much power there but somehow held back and blocked.

Andrew gently prodded and skillfully worked his way into my thinking with a sneak attack of humour which left me completely unable to hold on to my previous frustrated mindset. Instead he had my mind open and flexible again, ready to learn something new. I never saw it coming and before I knew it, I was free from myself.


Whenever I meet a new person I listen to my instincts and intuition to form an initial impression of a person. Andrew is respectful, fully present, and engaged with my thinking and my mission. Because he aligns so readily with your agenda, he rapidly fosters a working alliance and you find yourself trusting this man more with every sentence. He gets me and proves it with his focus and drive to help me to succeed.

Andrew is a ninja with his humour and wit. He will catch you when you least expect it. And he is hilarious. But you will never see that coming because he is also a solid professional who will constantly impress.

He is a teacher, a mentor, a strategist, and an outstanding high performance coach. He cares about your success. Every single interaction is a mix of insight, growth, and a healthy dose of forward momentum.


I began walking the entrepreneurial path about 6 months ago. The journey has been exciting, but nevertheless has brought its challenges. I have been struggling with how to strike balance between the few core projects I am working on and what's going on in my personal life. This struggle can be explained completely by lack of clarity in what I want to create in my life (and why).

I felt overwhelmed, misaligned, and a bit fatigued.

Andrew asked some extremely powerful questions and shared personal anecdotes to help me develop a better context for understanding. He didn't let me "get away" with anything like I've had coaches and therapists do in the past. He showed me that he understood what was beneath my words -- he was listening to the space between, not just what I was saying.

When you trust someone quickly, there's not necessarily a good way to explain it, in my opinion. It's more of just this feeling -- you just know that this person in front of you is truly good and is paving the path with only the best intentions. That's how this conversation felt with Andrew. He created a productive and pointed, yet safe space for us to communicate in. He is humble, kind, yet clearly very experienced and knowledgeable.

I wasn't really thinking that I could breakthrough anything in the first session. I've worked with a number of "life coaches" in the past and it's taken weeks to get to the level of depth and clarity I got to with Andrew in just one session. There is something extremely unique about Andrew facilitating the High Performance coaching process that creates the possibility for immediate change.

Andrew is a calm powerhouse. He has this incredible talent for bringing a high level of energy and passion without being overbearing, he asks powerful questions that will pull insights out of you that you couldn't possibly come up with on your own, and he creates the space for you to breakthrough whatever's holding you back.

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