Are you ready to shift to your next level?
To feel more joy, energy, confidence, and success living your best life?

High Performance Coaching can help you define what your highest level of effectiveness looks like and how to strike a balance across all the areas of your life that will lead you there.

This coaching process provides exceptional value, impact, and transformation in all areas of your life that are fundamental to living a successful and happy life.

It is an empirically proven process—one that’s based on the latest neuroscience and human psychology studies—containing the best frameworks, mindsets, habits, and tools to get the most impactful results for you, week after week.

4 Levels of High Performance

These advanced levels and accelerated coaching sessions take a deep dive into the areas that will help you reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life.



In these 12 sessions, you'll gain mastery over your psychology, physiology, productivity, persuasion skills, purpose, and presence leaving you feeling more purposeful and fulfilled, more engaged, joyful, and confident in your life. 



In these 12 sessions, we’ll explore what makes you feel the most alive and fulfilled. These sessions will help you master your internal world [the 10 human drives] so that you can better direct your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.



In these 12 sessions, we’ll work together to enhance the leadership opportunities in your life. We'll work through a new leadership framework (E6) that would help you consider different aspects on your journey to become an even more impactful leader.



These next 12 sessions will help you find personal freedom by more fully expressing yourself and serving your highest missions. It will take you to a new level that makes you feel even more free and happy and to begin shaping your ideal future vision. 

Results You Can Expect:

  • 1
    Clarity for making the right choices on what is important to you
  • 2
    A new level of focus, understanding, certainty, and confidence
  • 3
    Complete integrity & congruence with yourself and your values
  • 4
    More mental, emotional and physical energy
  • 5
    Increased personal productivity and effectiveness
  • 6
    Enhanced ability to profoundly relate to people and lead them
  • 7
    Ability to think and act beyond existing limits and views

Hi, I'm Andrew — Certified High Performance Coach™, Business Growth Strategist. Avid Golfer. Digital Marketing Ninja. Proud Dad... these are just a few of the titles that sum up my passions.

I help executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and business leaders shift their lives from where they're now to where they want to be.

For as long as I can remember, my talents have been best expressed by helping individuals and business owners create solutions and make strategic shifts. On some level, I’ve always supported high achievers in unlocking their clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence that’s proven to propel them forward.

I’ve been on a personal growth path since I was fifteen years old when I first started reading self-help and personal growth books, which contributed to a successful career.

I enjoyed an exciting and successful 30+ year corporate careerworking with Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and start-ups in 3 continents. I've been an entrepreneur for the past 10+ years. 

I am a graduate of the world’s leading certification programs for high performance coaching. I completed the Certified High Performance Coaching Program & High Performance Master's Program at the High Performance Institute, and also the Coaching for High Performance Executive Program at the Smith School of Business at Queen's Universitymastering frameworks that turn traditional coaching on its head.

My goal as your coach isn’t just to usher insights and breakthroughs—it’s to walk you through an action-oriented process that delivers measurable results, consistently, over the long-term.

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